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Marble Surface

Love Letters to a Dying God

A book of poetic prose.

70 pages

Includes The Veil, A Resonance of Light, Philosopher Queen and more...

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Letter from the Poet

When I was a child, my teacher explained that writing could paint a picture with words.  From that point on, I became fascinated with that concept.  Words could express complicated thought and emotion through the simplest sentences.  Every word held meaning that way.  I began to choose my words carefully, like little lights that could be extinguished if they were not respected. 


My world was lit up.

There's something vulnerable about writing such delicate sentences.  It leaves the reader with questions and their own interpretations.  I do not clearly state a thesis, nor do I explain myself.  It becomes a mirror for the reader to look in this way.  It stretches the imagination and the depth of the soul.  In a world that hand feeds you, I choose instead to guide you toward my own light, despite my inner demons.

I hope that your world may expand in whichever way you prefer.


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