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I go away

Are just three words I use sometimes

To break the silence of a fragile state

I go away, I say, when the moonlight breaks

Through tufts of cloud wisps

Blue light spilled out at the windowpane

I sift through moods and claim

An imagined room that’s furnished

With a small wish

To go away

To stay among the willow ways

Of trees that bend and sway

(I’m not nearly there)

I’m in the threadbare lair

Laid bare between the days

I daze

In pieces peacefully and hate

The man made chafe

To do as they say

(They say a lot once they get started)

I slip beneath the sunlit haze

To nights lit beneath the stargaze

I go away

To stay among the moonlit gaze

And graze the greatness of the sovereign

To reign among the threadbare lair

Such slender shards untamed

Displayed in frays

And laid

The threadbare lair

I am a sliver of despair

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