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Morning balm falls with bated breath

Like mist that settles then lifts

And drifts through azure fields

And I say to the man, what would you do for a bucket of blue

Sand that spreads across an unmarked land

A planet left out for you and me

To blow like dust a cerulean sea

And feathered blue light

Such an elegant sight

To unsettle the dust within the hourglass

And wear down its great walls till it’s just

Sea glass and seagrass and so much blue in between

And I say to him, it’s a sci-fi garden of eden of me

So deep that it’s barely mentionable and

Barely fathomable and

Barely livable

Or swimmable

A desert swept clean of the sediment

Or sentiment

Not like children that play in the sand

Who build walls that will crumble

And a moat that merely fumbles

My great winds that flow free

Cause someone left the door open

And let it swell free

But I say to him, no planet but mine creates a vacuum like me

Carved out of flesh and thus to be filled

With something or someone to till

The great plains of this blue terrain

And hollow out that stone floor

Till it’s nothing, just powder

Or dust and shimmering lust

In hours spent pounding the life into me

Locked beneath an aquamarine

I’ve got blue blood in the crease

Of my palms so you’ll see

I’ve a notion not to breathe

Till I turn a deep blue!

Do aliens blush in that hue?

Sometimes I wonder what it takes to renew

A contrarian horizon

To awaken the twins in me, baked to perfection

And choose between heaven or hell

I’ve a limbo to quell

A victim of my own duality

That shares the same stem and root

Of that beryl fruit

Until I bury the tooth…

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