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As of June 4 there have been nearly 6,000 vaccine related deaths due to the Covid shot.  On the OpenVaers website at this moment there are 411,931 reports of negative side effects.  2,190 have had heart attacks.  1,737 have now been diagnosed with Bells Palsy—a paralysis of the facial muscles.  652 women have suffered miscarriages.  Germany has halted the use of the AstraZeneca shot in those under 60 due to growing reports of blood clotting.  These are the statistics.

Americans are a proud group of people with a high sense of nationalism and a confidence that we will overcome.  It is therefore no surprise that there are so many Americans protesting the vaccine and questioning those in authority.  In our constitution we are granted the right to speak out against the government, to question their motives, to even disdain them.  And it is through this crash course narrative of the American way that Americans have objected those we disagree with.  

But there are those as well who live in fear—a fear which chips away at our society.  As we’ve continued on as a nation, we’ve grown comfortable in our secure jobs with our secure lifestyles.  Life has become convenient and predictable.  We’ve learned to trust our authorities, whether in politics, media, medicine, and more.  We’ve turned on the autopilot, allowed the system to steer us, and allowed technology to take care of the details.  There’s prestigious college degrees and that country-club-narrative which says “so-and-so belongs to such-and-such.”  And we choose to trust the titles which have been granted.  But like a cancer that sits in the body undetected, corruption has spread to every facet of our society.  It has corrupted our authorities.  It has corrupted our businesses.  It has corrupted our health system and it is poison to us now.

15,052 Americans have suffered severe allergic reactions from the COVID vaccine.  This is a fact.  

4,583 Americans are now disabled due to this vaccine.  This is a fact.

There are no fact checkers that can dispute these statistics so they choose not to mention it.  And with their indemnification clause, they are protected from liability.  They discredit those who speak out against them just like John D. Rockefeller did with his billion dollar scheme to monopolize pharmaceutical drugs.  They call the opposition “quacks.”  They tell us we are misinformed.  They make us feel crazy or stupid through manipulation and gas lighting.  They frighten us and tell us that we are in danger from a virus that 99.97% of people will survive.  They tell us that only they have the solution, that only through them can we be cured.  It sounds like the plot line of a psychological thriller, doesn’t it?  But this time we are living in it and the public has yet to question it.

The woman who is abused and manipulated by her husband often struggles to step away.  She’s become dependent on him, even if he is not always benevolent.  He is her Sugar Daddy.  And he gives her a sense of security through her ultimate submission.  So many of us choose to ignore the signs of abuse.  

We block it out.  We hit ignore.  We shut down and remain under their regime and their control.  We want to live in ignorance because it’s easier.

If you are reading this questioning how it happened?  How did it come to this?  How could this evil have spread?  I will offer you this perspective.  It is not money but the love of money that is the root of all evil.  The massive billion dollar companies that administer our happiness, have enjoyed gigantic levels of power and control.  They have grown because of our needs, our wants, and they have duped us into believing that we need more and more of it, that we cannot go on without them.  But contentment is free.  We need only look up from our phones to see the beautiful world all around us.  We need only cultivate our health—not through more drugs and more money spent, but through exercise, relationships, our beautiful earth, and trust in those who choose never to exploit us.

Nearly half of Americans are on prescription drugs.  80% of all opioid users first used prescription drugs.  Pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars a year.  Pharmaceutical companies are the leading financial donors to American politics.  Cancer continues to grow in America.  American medicine costs more than any other country on Earth.  There have been 19,597 hospitalizations due to the COVID vaccine.  43,891 have been put in Urgent Care.  5,888 people have died.  Do you block it out?  Do you hit ignore and are you preparing to do it now?  Do you black out?  Do you black out?

Do you…


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