The Philanthro-Capitalism Epidemic

Switzerland, year 2021

Internationally reputed scientist, Astrid Stuckelberger worked alongside the World Health Organization for much of her career in Switzerland.  Based on her studies on genetics and aging she is widely recognized as a leading scientific researcher.  Stuckelberger has suggested that there is an agenda at hand by the global elite.  “Bill Gates in 2015 in a Ted Talk—he talked of a virus, a terrible virus, a pandemic,” she explains in a recent Oval Media interview.

She says that even the invasive swab test which extracts DNA from behind the nasal cavity is unprecedented and could have dangerous consequences.  “This for me is one of the agendas,” she says, pointing out that they could simply test the saliva of a potential COVID infected patient instead.  She goes on stating that “they want to even put nano technologies under the skin, make ID passports with the vaccine.  So you see very clearly technology is going to lead people.”  
In fact, Digital ID is burgeoning into our lives at this moment.  “Digital identification” is coming to us globally with the funding of Bill Gates’ Microsoft, The Rockefeller Foundation, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), tech company IDEO, and digital marketing company Accenture. The website is hazy on the details, stating that a digital identity “is a grouping of digital identifiers.”  While their project touts privacy and security, much of the project seems vague.  And while our iPhones recently began tracking “COVID exposure” by documenting where an individual was at all times, such vague technological advances as Digital ID feel something like technology and Big Brother enacting more control.  

In Sweden, thousands already have a microchip the size of a grain of rice implanted under the skin just above the thumb.  The technology comes from Biohax International, which was founded by former body piercer Jowan Osterlund.  The chip can be swiped across digital readers at home, in stores, at the gym etc.  Its purpose is to create convenience in daily life.  Bill Gates has funded a similar project with a San Francisco company, Luminous.  And as of March of 2021, Gates patented a potential Crypto microchip Patent #WO / 2020/060606, leaving the public to wonder if the presence of the notorious number 666 is that of a bad joke or something more sinister.

“They are trying to lock down the liberties of people.  The freedom of people is really disturbing to them.  They want to eliminate any thinking, emotion, and cognition,” Dr. Stuckelberger explains.

But let’s put the spotlight on India now.  At the moment hundreds of thousands of Indian famers are protesting the recent agricultural laws put in place.  The “Black Laws” were recently rolled back, loosening the state-controlled regulations over crop pricing, procurement and storage of produce.  While this may seem like a victory for small farming businesses, locals say this will only give big corporations leeway to step in and control the market.  It’s no wonder Indian farmers adamantly protest in the wake of the Monsanto disaster years earlier.

The Monsanto company, known for their product Roundup, has developed genetically modified crops, chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides for over 100 years and has received much public scrutiny for the toxicity of their products.  In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the agrochemical company provided Indian farmers with Bt seeds for cotton production.  Their prices for the seed were high and when their seeds did not yield sufficient cotton production, it put thousands of farmers in debt.  This led to many in poverty and a high rate of suicide.  “Monsanto has been accused of contributing to more than 290,000 suicides,” a 2017 research study has found.  Indian authority demanded compensation, filing lawsuits.  With their bad seed and their rising pesticide prices creating more debt and more problems, Monsanto products were discouraged by authorities, and in some cases banned.  Indian scholar, activist, and Right Livelihood Award Winner, Vandana Shiva talks openly of Monsanto’s destructive pattern.  “Monsanto came illegally, and didn’t get any approval, with the promise that they would increase farmers’ incomes and had this magical technology to control pests,” she states in a 2019 interview.  “Farmers are in debt.  Farmers are committing suicide.  The area’s been ruined!”

Vandana Shiva discusses the negative effects of what she calls “Philanthro-Capitalism.”  “The corporations only bring poison,” she says, naming Bill Gates as another corporate man who pirates and destroys.  “He’s carving out new colonies,” Shiva explains.  Bill Gates has initiated new farming technology and seed patents in Africa.  Shiva claims that Gates pirated their seed and put a patent through the digital genomap of the seed.  “So you just take a genomap and you say ‘my invention’ but you don’t create a seed,” she explains.  “He’s pushing chemicals, pushing GMOs, pushing patents!”

Gates’ philanthropy does seem fixated on Intellectual Property rights and patents.  He encouraged the inventors of the COVID vaccine to partner with AstraZeneca with exclusive property rights.  His funding for Digital ID has offered little explanation but demands cooperation and trust from the public.  His plans for this new microchip appear sinister and vague as well.  And while Gates might present himself to be a noble benefactor, he maintains a level of vagueness on the details.  With his foundation under non-profit privileges, he also maintains a level of secrecy with his money.  It should be noted as well that the HPV vaccine administered to Indian girls in the past decade paralleled extreme vaccine-related paralysis in thousands.  The Gates Foundation is at the center of the suspicions, as they rolled out HPV vaccines during that same time in India.  An Indian investigation “revealed that the trials recruited tribal girls from poor areas. These girls were malnourished. To worsen the situation, consent forms for the trial are in English which even the healthcare provider administering the vaccine to them may not be able to read.”

Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger takes note, “This expert of health, Bill Gates, is actually an expert of technology.  He has not a clue in health.  He of course has the intention to use his technology.”


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