“Come with me on a journey to The Sugar Factory!  Come to a land of sugary sweet where lollipops grow from the ground like bright, blooming flowers, and the rivers are sweet like syrup!  Let’s explore the ecosystem of a bright neon world and in the evenings we’ll sink into a deep slumbered sleep.  I’m your Sugar Daddy.  And I’ve got what you need.Is it love that you want?  I’ll offer it cheap.  Or drugs perhaps?  I’ve got nicotine dreams and baggies of treats that will leave your head spinning round and round.  I’m a merry-go-round!  I’m a carnival ride!  I’m swept up and sorted, bright pink and purple, wrapped up neatly to deliver you cotton candy sunsets!  And every evening, I’ll offer you love, deep-fried and oozing.  Let’s be decadent!  And you’ll find there’s no reason to leave The Sugar Factory.


 It’s your favorite place now, isn’t it?


Tell me it’s your favorite place…


Tell me it’s your favorite…”


USA, year 2021

My neighbor decided to cut down the maple tree in his backyard.  Its big, beautiful branches climbed up to the sky and stretched over my yard, providing comfortable shade for me in the afternoons.  There was nothing wrong with the tree but that he didn’t like the helicopters in his yard (and by helicopters I do mean those funny seeds that spin to the ground, not the machinery).  And one early Saturday morning I was rudely awakened to the gnawing sound of a saw as the tree surgeon butchered a beautiful tree.  Now the sky hovers over my house like a big gaping blue wound and I’m left feeling somewhat exposed to the elements.

It’s frightening for me as I anticipate newly released footage of UFO’s in which an aircraft hovers over the ocean and then dives right into it.  And I wonder what our former president Donald Trump meant when he declassified the Pentagon’s UFO files.  Ignorance is bliss, as they say, and I wonder if it would have been better to remain unaware of a potential alien invasion.  Now I find myself staring out at the plentiful sky all around me and wonder what I might see.  I might sound paranoid but quarantine has overdeveloped my imagination, you know.  I was well on my way to scratching out the days in lopsided tally marks on my walls when at long last quarantine was lifted!  All hail the mighty Vaccination!

It’s been a rough year thus far.  Opioid overdoses have risen by over 34% and nearly 200,000 businesses have closed.  In March we had a gas line hacked and now gas prices have risen as well.  Inflation is upon us.  Friends and relatives have been murmuring talk of economic crisis and government control.  So why is it others feel so optimistic?

Could it be that this vaccine has caused people an inflated sense of hope and prosperity?  With all the fear and angst built up around the COVID-19 virus, it’s no wonder some people feel more at ease.  Social media is billowing with proud Vaccine Announcements!  Facebook continues to share footage of celebrities advertising the vaccine.  In Ohio, a woman won $1 million from The COVID Vaccine Lottery!  Curtesy of tax payers, of course.  According to the CDC, over 100 million Americans have been fully vaccinated.  If my reader meanders over to their site, one would find statistics on partial vaccinations, full vaccinations, and statistics on the decline of COVID deaths within the last 30 days.  Could it be that we’re at the end of this?

Americans have stuck it out during Quarantine, some more begrudgingly than others.  This past year and a half we’ve witnessed hall-monitor-like supervision over our fellow citizen, as some have taken it upon themselves to check mask vigilance in their community.  Some have stayed home.  Some have ignored the mask mandate.  Some have made public announcements via social media to share their opinions.  We’ve all chosen our side.  We’ve crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s with that study-hall-high-school flair, swirls and all to manage our otherwise boring existence.  And we’ve all had our outbursts, but who’s to say who’s right or wrong on the subject?  And in the end, will Americans put it aside and move on?  Life goes on, after all!  No hard feelings and all that…

What might interest my reader is the growing number of Americans who refuse to take the vaccine.  According to a National Public Review poll, one in four Americans will refuse to take the vaccine—a statistic that disturbs our most acclaimed Dr. Anthony Fauci.  Those who refuse the vaccine state that there may be unknown complications due to the new science behind it.  Instead of injecting “a weakened or inactivated germ into our bodies,” according to the CDC, the vaccine is an mRNA shot.  This teaches “our cells how to make a protein that triggers an immune response inside our bodies.”  They call this the “Spike Protein,” which activates the build up of antibodies capable of fighting the COVID-19 virus.  

As of today, no COVID vaccine has been officially approved by the FDA.

While health experts state it takes about 70% of the population to be immune to reach herd immunity, this number might be unreachable as doubts surrounding the shot continue.  

According to the US department of health, each year more than 165 million Americans receive the flu shot.  And each year an approximated 100-200 vaccine related deaths occur.  In the 5 months between December of 2020 and April 2021, about 100 million Americans received the COVID shot.  And within that time, a staggering 3,544 people have died due to vaccinated related deaths, which averages 30 people per day.  

Renowned Cardiologist and Doctor of Internal Medicine, Dr. Peter McCullough has declared the COVID vaccine to be the “most lethal, toxic, biological agent ever injected into a human body in American history, and it’s going strong.”  In four months, the COVID shot has killed more people than all vaccines combined from mid-1997 to the end of 2013.  Dr. McCullough states that the vaccine may cause blood clotting or stroke.  He further states that doctors are offered a severe warning for falsified reporting on vaccine related health defects.  Nonetheless, as of April 2021 12,618 reports of serious adverse events had been filed.  In Europe there were 7,766 vaccine related deaths as of April 2021.

One might wonder why the vaccine has been so heavily touted by government, celebrities, and friends.  Or why common sense immunity boosting habits have not been encouraged like exercise, healthy diet, and spending time in nature.  Furthermore, where is the mentioning of those with a natural immunity strong enough to combat the virus?  Dr. Fauci himself admits that the “mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out the virus, which is small enough to pass through the material,” which he stated in a February 2020 email released to the public via the Freedom of Information Act.  It is openly discussed that the fabric masks we’ve been wearing hold in bacteria and stifle the immune system.  And there’s still that age old question looming: “What kind of negligence could have allowed for this virus to get released to begin with?”  

Because the virus has multiple variants, it is possible that this is only the first wave of COVID vaccine shots, that more may be required despite having already been vaccinated.  And when the number of fatalities related to the virus is large, the number of vaccine deaths is also on the rise.  Looking at the statistics, the public is left between the rock and the hard place, deciding which risk is greater and which pill to swallow—that of trust in our government or trust in the individual’s immunity.

And as the Julius Caesar said as he marched to war, “The die is cast.”  


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