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I want to drag you down and drag you under like a lion drags its prey.

I feel the shadows forming in my eyes. And lions hunt at night, you know, teeth gleaming like broken shards of glass. I feel an insatiable rage in me, hot like the sun, gushing like blood does from open wounds. And every night at dusk it comes back to me in red bursts beneath my eyelids. I can’t sleep. I never sleep. And I want whatever it is that I want.

I want to bruise you like fruit, plump and ripe. I want to use you and abuse you. I want to chew on you, blood vessels bursting like raspberries, malice contorting my mouth like a bright red smear. I want you to squirm like an antelope might, thrashing, kicking, fighting until the end. And I want to drag you down and drag you under into my darkest place.

I want adrenaline like a drug filling my veins with dark ecstasy, arms bound in the wristlock, cradling my obsession like a lover grips its victim. I want to shock you. I want to alarm you. I want to disarm you and disable you, panic seizing you in rebellion to yourself.

Was it love that you wanted? And did it shock you with what you found? I’m a squelched out fire turned to ash each night, still hot to the touch. And do I scorch you to stand here before you as I do? Pride blazing before you, blonde like shimmering gold before you. I’m fire personified and rage becomes me.

I’m bound to the evolutionary process. And I crave the crunch of pulverized flesh. I’m black fury in the lion’s den. And you with that look on your face. Do you feel exposed!? Did you honestly think that you could get away? Evolution is a tricky procedure and one picks at the wound, sculpting for oneself with masterful purpose a predatory dominance.

It’s a visceral existence and I want you to bear witness to my afflictions. I’m in the nocturnal crypt. A demon clutches at me and I gnaw at the bone. Red dew forms on the lesion. And I want whatever it is that I want.

Everyone else is so judgmental. Moaning and complaining. They create for themselves a tomb of martyrdom, shrinking under the weight of their self-righteousness. Building walls and structures— societal things—to cage the madness within. But I stand before you unleashed and unburdened.

For I am The Unconquerable.

And everyone else just

backs away...

backs away...

backs away...

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